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Wooden Model Owl Clock

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  • Wooden owl clock model with careful detailing,
  • A decorative clock as fun to put together as it is to look at,
  • Visible cogs and an owl shape reminiscent of the steampunk universe.

Assemble your own wooden owl clock model

Abundant and eccentric, steampunk-style interior decoration is one of a kind. It mixes pieces in the retro style of Victorian inspiration, with industrial, baroque, rustic or even retrofuturist elements. As in fashion, the steampunk universe does not forbid anything in terms of home decoration. Also, let your creativity speak and express your non-conformism without limit.

This wooden owl clock mockup fits perfectly with such a decoration. Whatever room in the house you decide to install it in, this large clock brings an original steampunk touch. It also combines many recurring symbols in the aesthetics of the genre: the clock, the gears and the owl. With its amusing animal shape, this table clock finds its place on the bedside table of a parental bedroom as well as on the shelf of a child's bedroom. You can also place it on your desk or on the edge of a fireplace.

Fans of model making and steampunk decoration appreciate the assembly of this original piece in the shape of an owl as much as the use of the mounted clock. The fitting of the various parts of the dial and the structure is accessible from the age of 14. A detailed plan allows you to methodically guide you through the realization of this large wooden puzzle, where each piece is important, until the realization of an aesthetic and fun decorative object. For the complete assembly, count about 4 hours.

The hands of this wooden model clock point to Roman numerals indicating the hours, and Arabic numerals indicating the minutes. The dial represents the belly of the owl. Openwork, it reveals the clock mechanism, which allows you to admire the movements of the various cogs.

Technical details of this buildable wooden owl clock

  • Dimensions: 20.6 x 12.8 x 26.5cm,
  • Movement: quartz (efficient and precise),
  • Quality laser cutting for each part.

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