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Black jacket steampunk

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Black steampunk jacket to enhance your steampunk cosplay 2>

Depending on the embodied steamsona, a span> clothing accessory like Steampunk jacket span> can be appropriate. Indeed, if you want to embody a woman of character with a high social rank during the era of the industrial revolution, the steampunk black jacket will bring elegance and chic to your character.

Close to span> Gothic style , steampunk is sometimes confused with this last. Nevertheless, which makes all the difference between Gothic mode and Steampunk style , it is the whole of an outfit and the creativity used to create it. This coat jacket span> with the Gothic look will be perfectly integrated into your span> Steampunk set < span> When it is worn with metallic accessories , steampunk jewelry , < span> welder glasses , a brown corset and a Floor white shirt .

  • This jacket with imitation black lace skirt < /SPAN> is to wear with span> tights or a steampunk pants . < /li>
  • The back of the imitation corset jacket will remind you of your span> corset steampunk , to be carried below the latter.
  • The tip of steampunk store : Combine this black steampunk jacket with jewelry , necklaces , bracelets , belts , hats, dresses, jackets, pants and other clothing accessories at 100% steampunk . Your Gothic disguise will surely be successful!

        Technical details:

        • Maintenance: favor hand washing or cold washing in the machine.
        • Material: High quality polyester.

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