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Golden woman steampunk watch

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  • Refined details for a luxurious female watch,
  • Watch for golden female with black background with an elegant Milanese mesh bracelet,
  • A vintage and design style capable of agreeing with steampunks outfits.

Orne your wrist of this elegant golden watch with black background

Refinement, elegance and extravagance are qualifiers that define the steampunk movement well. A true imaginary and retrofuturist universe, this movement corresponds to a unique and creative clothing aesthetic. The latter allows everyone to express themselves and differentiate themselves, by associating clothes and accessories of various materials and heterogeneous styles. In the Steampunk visual are found victorian elements, many recurring symbols (gears, keys, Octopus, etc.), but also characteristic retrofuturist parts.

This watch for golden female with black background is therefore a perfect wrist jewelry for steampunk cosplay enthusiasts. It has a luxurious and particularly distinguished aspect. Its round dial benefits from a subtly starred black background. This skeleton watch also benefits from an open dial in an elegant flower on the mechanism. The needles of this wrist watch point to rhinestones, which replace the figures (except 12).

Finally, a fine steel bracelet Milanese mesh wraps around the wrist to hang this jewel. Apparently delicate, this chic watch is nonetheless resistant. Its waterproofing allows it to deal with everyday life and its vagaries, while the stainless steel that composes this vintage watch is chosen for its robustness.

This beautiful steampunk style watch for women is not limited to this singular universe. This Glamor watch model fully corresponds to the most chic working girls. This very feminine golden watch also goes perfectly with a voluptuous evening dress or an effective classic-chic outfit (jeans, silk blouse, boots, for example).

Discover all the watches in our collection , as well as our other steampunks accessories, in order to expand your outfit and refine your "steamsonality".

Technical details of this golden female watch with black background

  • Composition: stainless steel (robust and durable),
  • Movement: automatic reassembly mechanics (typical of steampunk technology),
  • Waterproofing: Depth 30 m.

The watch steampunk is an essential accessory essential for a successful successful retro outfit . Discover all our models of vintage watches and skeleton watches with apparent gears and cogs.

The Women Steamers are often endowed with a strong and committed personality. This protest instinct pushes them to identify an authoritarian and inspiring look, composed of many Steampunk accessories .

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