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Model Steampunk Rifle

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  • A gun model as aesthetic as it is playful,
  • 3D puzzle detailed and functional after assembly,
  • A fun decorative toy to assemble and use.

Step into your character with this model rifle

This gun model is an ideal accessory for steamers embodying a steam persona likely to have a weapon: an adventurer, a pirate or even a ( e) explorer. For these characters, holding a rifle, but also different weapons (handgun, crossbow, etc.), makes perfect sense.

This weapon replica is only copied from the real weapon in its overall form. It is not realistic: it is intended to be playful and aesthetic. This dummy long gun is an ideal weapon for play with children. Indeed, no dangerous cartridges with this long weapon: the ammunition is simple rubber bands.

The reloading is then done by simply stretching a rubber band between 2 attachment points, above the barrel. By pressing the trigger, you release the projectile which is sent far forward. When the weapon is used, it is essential to take care not to aim the face when shooting, and in particular the eyes. To allow practice shooting at fun targets, small characters representing the enemies to be shot are included with the buildable rifle.

Before you think about having fun with this long weapon with harmless projectiles, you must first build it. Instructions in English are provided to simplify the assembly of the toy. Children from the age of 8 can build this model, with the help of an adult. The construction of this 3D puzzle then gives rise to excellent moments of complicity with the family.

When not used for cosplay or play, this wooden gun-like weapon is very decorative. You can, for example, place it on a shelf in a child's room. For an original and extravagant decoration in the steampunk spirit, hang this rifle on the wall of your entrance. And why not add an extra weapon to your model collection to create an armory for your character?

Technical details of this wooden model weapon

  • Number of rooms: 170,
  • Assembly time: 1h 30min,
  • Composition: wood.

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