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Metal Steampunk Fly

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  • Metal fly with gears emblematic of the steampunk movement,
  • An original and extravagant retrofuturistic flying insect,
  • Pieces from the industrial universe for a unique decorative object.

Let this metal fly land on your desk to decorate it

The steampunk decoration is a reflection of this movement: unconventional and extravagant. It uses various elements, reminiscent of the Victorian era and the industrial revolution, but also referring to a unique retrofuturistic science fiction universe.

This unique metal fly is a decoration that fits perfectly into the steampunk spirit. This flying insect looks straight out of a science fiction movie. Its eyes, its wings, its legs, its abdomen, its thorax: all the body parts of this fly are metallic. Bolts, screws, rings, washers, rods, gears and other industrial parts then come together to give birth to this disturbing looking creature. The gears distributed on the body of this insect not only evoke the universe of industry, they are true symbols of the steampunk movement, used repeatedly in decoration and clothing fashion .

No need to hunt this flying insect: in its metallic version, fully appreciate the house fly! This metal animal fits in every corner of the room thanks to its small size and elegant style. Even organize an invasion of insects by spreading a number of flies in your room or house. Place your flies in strategic places to highlight them and create a unique atmosphere: on your desk, on a shelf, on a beam, on your bookcase, etc. Make every fly stand out!

With this copper fly, there's no need to get out the repellent, spray insecticide or call the spiders for help: you'll love seeing your house invaded! The fly is not the only metal animal you can adopt. In addition to this flying insect, install a seahorse, an octopus, a fish, an owl, a wasp, a mosquito or even a metal scorpion in your home.

Technical details of this metal sculpture

  • Material: copper,
  • Dimensions: length 6 cm, width 5.7 cm, height 3.2 cm,
  • Careful details.

Discover all oursteampunk accessories and show your passion for this futuristic retro universe. To discover all our objects intended to create an authentic Steampunk decoration , visit our global "decoration" collection.

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