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DIY Wood Gun

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  • A creative toy, to develop the manual dexterity of the youngest,
  • A realistic DIY wooden pistol, which can be used for fun or to complete a disguise,
  • Careful finishes and parts made of durable wood, very resistant to handling.

A DIY wooden gun for budding adventurers

Steampunk is not just for adults: it also appeals to young creators, DIY enthusiasts and adventurers!

Thanks to this DIY wooden gun, let your child discover the pleasure of creative activities, assembly and woodworking, which allow the creation of real little works of art. art. By showing a little patience, he can quickly put himself in the shoes of the steampunk character of his choice.

Aspiring pirate, a cowboy determined to keep order in his bedroom or a loyal young city vigilante: ideas abound with this beautiful children's toy!

Equipped with small harmless rubber bands, this fake revolver is ideal for outdoor or indoor games. Do not hesitate to let your child color it, paint it or adorn it with stickers and decorative bracelets, so that he can personalize his steampunk toy according to his tastes.

No doubt you will be tempted to handle this pretty wooden weapon yourself and organize thrilling role games with your offspring, in the garden or the living room!

Technical details of this fake wooden steampunk DIY gun

  • Use: creative hobby, manual DIY, toy, costume accessory, personalized gift idea,
  • Recommended age: from 8 years old,
  • Material of the parts: high quality wood,
  • Composition of the box: 102 pre-cut pieces to assemble, small harmless rubber bands as ammunition, 5 small targets in the shape of soldiers,
  • Finishes of the wooden pistol: imitations of a very realistic barrel, hammer, wheel, trigger and butt,
  • Average assembly time: 1.5 hours,

Size Guide:

Dimensions of the assembled toy Package dimensions Weight of the toy
22 x 13 x 3.8cm 22.8 x 15.3 x 3.5cm 85g

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