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Men's Gothic Faux Leather Pants

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  • Men's gothic faux leather pants with a skinny fit,
  • typical Gothic decorations to highlight your nonconformity and claim your belonging to the community,
  • A black pants with character, bringing together all the codes of Gothic fashion.

Dare to be different by wearing these gothic faux leather pants for men

Dark clothing, pieces decorated with characteristic shock elements and the use of materials such as leather or imitation leather are generally enough to identify members of the Gothic community. Often considered shocking and morbid, goth fashion is above all unconventional and creative.

It allows you to stand out and express yourself through an assembly of pieces: dark pants, printed T-shirt, leather coat, mesh top, boots, silver jewelry with evocative symbols, baroque cape, etc. . Adopted on a daily basis, or simply during events, this clothing style is based on a singular and highly codified aesthetic. It comes in different trends, each adopting their own visual identity.

Our gothic faux leather pants for men meet the criteria of the genre entirely. Its disconcerting aesthetic obeys the basic codes of Gothic fashion. This garment then mixes an imitation leather fabric, on its front side, with a more classic fabric, on its back side. Hints of black faux leather are also used on the back pockets and waist.

These gothic-style skinny pants have buckle straps on the thighs and metal eyelets. These impactful decorative elements are intended to be provocative, evoking with a bang the fetishist universe. Cyber ​​goths, vampire goths, romantic goths or even traditional goths, everyone can incorporate these faux leather pants into their wardrobe, provided they have the right combinations.

Technical details of these black imitation leather skinny pants

  • Style: Gothic,
  • Material: faux leather
  • Closure: zip fly.

Size guide: discover

Size Waist circumference Hip circumference Length
72cm 88cm 99cm
29 74cm 91cm 100cm
30 76cm 93.4cm 101cm
31 78cm 95cm 102cm
32 80cm 96.6cm 103cm
33 83cm 99.8cm 104cm
34 86 cm 102cm 105cm
36 91cm 106cm 107cm

The Steampunk pants are an integral part of a true vaporist outfit. Depending on the character embodied or the desired style, these pants will bring authenticity and elegance to your gothic punk or Victorian look.

The Steampunk for men has very specific aesthetic codes. The Steampunk clothing chosen to compose a retro futuristic male outfit must be part of a global reflection around a Steampunk character.

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