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Burlesque Bustier Dress

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  • ROASA fitted red corset composed of Victorian symbols with touches of lace and a metal button closure,
  • A black and red tutu skirt to accentuate the burlesque style,
  • A sexy look while respecting the aesthetic codes of Steampunk.

Embody a real burlesque Steampunk woman wearing this red strapless dress

The burlesque style has its place in the Steampunk universe. Characterized by the discrepancy between tone, look and subject matter, burlesque is nonetheless an effective means of expression to challenge received ideas.

The Steampunk woman expresses her non-conformism through her style of dress, and the burlesque bustier dress remains a must-have for female vintage artists.

Dare to wear this splendid red and black burlesque strapless dress and display unparalleled elegance.

Technical details of this red burlesque bustier dress:

  • Style: burlesque Victorian,
  • Material: 100% polyester,
  • Care: hand wash or machine wash cold.

      Size guide: discover

      Waist circumference
      XS 55 - 60 cm
      S 60 - 65 cm
      M 65 - 70 cm
      L 70 - 75 cm
      XL 75 – 80 cm
      XXL 80 – 85 cm
      XXXL 85 - 90 cm
      4XL 90 - 95 cm
      5XL 95 - 100 cm
      6XL 100 - 105 cm

      Discover our full range of Steampunk style dresses to accessorize your cosplay and give off a 100% vintage style.

      The Steampunk fashion for women has very specific aesthetic codes. The Steampunk clothing chosen to compose a feminine retro futuristic outfit must be part of a global reflection around a Steampunk character.

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