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Steampunk Gear Bundle

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  • Small original and very aesthetic objects, representative of the steampunk movement,
  • Accessories available in several shades, to vary style effects,
  • A set of steampunk gears carefully designed and very resistant.

Let your imagination run wild with this set of steampunk gears

A minimalist ornament sometimes makes all the difference in an interior decoration or to enhance an outfit.

Are you a staunch defender or a big fan of the steampunk movement? These meticulously finished little gears are on the lookout for all your ideas for decorating and making accessories.

Simply placed on a piece of furniture, in your living room, your bedroom or on your table during an upcoming convivial meal, they bring a decorative and atypical touch to any interior.

This set of steampunk gears is also ideal for showing your loved ones your talent for making costume jewellery. Thanks to metal buckles, clasps, necklaces or small leather cords, make it an atypical adornment.

Pendants, choker medallions, dangling earrings, bracelets, rings, bag jewels, anklets... Put gold, silver and pink metal in the spotlight, everyday and for all your opportunities. Dress your neckline, your wrist or your ankle in a deliciously unique way.

Assembled or glued to a canvas, these gears also allow you to create unique and precious works of art. With them, give life to very beautiful abstract animals reminiscent of the industrial era: owl with golden eyes, butterfly with round silver wings... Surrender to all your artistic desires, embellished with a beautiful note of fantasy.< /p>

Technical details of this set of steampunk metal gears

  • Number of parts: 60 gears,
  • Style: steampunk, industrial, vintage,
  • Use: interior decoration, creative hobbies (making necklaces, jewelry and fancy accessories for steampunk women or men), personalized gift idea,
  • Material: high quality metal, very durable,
  • Several colors to choose from (silver metal, bronze metal, aged yellow gold) or a set consisting of a mixture of shades,
  • diameter from 8 to 15 mm, variable according to the parts.

Check out our full range of steampunk gears to make < a href="" target="_blank">steampunk accessories or chic retro jewelry true to the Victorian era.

The steampunk accessories as these gears are among the essential elements to create an authentic steampunk atmosphere.

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