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Steampunk watch for men and women, influence the steamers community

Steampunk is not a common genre, it is a very particular universe practiced by real enthusiasts. Steampunk is expressed in particular by its clothing style and by the steampunk accessories that one dares to put forward. Of course, the Steampunk watch is one of the main accessories of the Steampunk fashion, for men and women.

Watchmaking is composed of complex systems, such as mechanical watches, chronograph and other mechanical movement second hand. The professional watchmaker attaches great importance to the engineering of their analog or digital system (for the quartz movement for example), which makes these watches valuable pieces.

The history of the Steampunk watch

Traditionally during the Victorian era, the Steampunk pocket watch was more appropriate than the wristwatch. Men, in particular, liked to wear their vintage pocket watch with a retro luxury suit and typical steampunk shoes.

Soon enough, the vintage wristwatch emerged as more than just a timekeeping device. The Steampunk watch is worn by vapers to reflect their personality, the "steamsona" they wish to embody. The case associated with the watch is also an important accessory.

Steampunk watch models for men and women

From the steampunk skeleton watch, through the automatic or manual mechanical watch, to the retro-style quartz watch with leather strap, there is something for everyone.

The steampunk watch for men, for example, is part of an overall steampunk costume or cosplay, which has been thought out beforehand to express a certain personality and character.

The steampunk watch for women is no exception to this rule, although the models offered in our Steampunk online store are often more sober and more "mainstream" than the models of men's watches. This allows women to wear their Steampunk wristwatch on a daily basis, with a more or less vintage outfit.

Generally speaking, and as for all Steampunk clothing or retro accessories, the choice of a Steampunk leather watch will not be the same depending on its final use. Your choice will be different if you want to wear this jewel in a daily life outfit, in a Steampunk aristocrat cosplay or in a Steampunk ragamuffin cosplay.

Often, watches with apparent mechanisms are a big hit in the Steampunk world, for both Steampunk women and steamers men. These mechanisms remind us of the importance of the machine, in an uchronistic civilization where steam engines are the main source of energy used.

The Steampunk timepiece has the DNA of retro futurism and offers multiple vintage designs. The steampunk mechanical pocket watch has a popular history and no longer needs to prove the effectiveness of its final rendering. And in slightly rarer but equally elegant styles, the steampunk necklace watch and the luxury steampunk watch have managed to find their audience among women.

In terms of design, all our steampunk watches are made of sturdy and durable materials, made of stainless steel, genuine leather or PU leather, allowing them to last over time.

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