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Opt for a Victorian Steampunk skirt and assert your non-conformism

Steampunk clothing style combines two fashion worlds of the past. It is mainly based on an atypical style that brings out at the same time a retro and futuristic appearance. Several categories of clothing adopt this style. Among them is the Victorian Steampunk skirt. Elegant and refined, this women's Steampunk fashion garment has everything to please you.

The skirt for women, elegant and refined

For women, it is quite possible to adopt a Steampunk style fashion. To be elegant and refined, you can opt for a Victorian Steampunk skirt. This one can be short or long depending on the season or your taste. These non-conformist skirts can be paired with stockings, tights or leggings.

If you're a real steamer, you'll easily stand out with this whimsical Steampunk garment with a gothic, futuristic and vintage feel. You'll even find a touch of burlesque fashion extremely elegant.

Depending on your desires and your morphology, you can opt for an asymmetrical skirt with a front length shorter than the back. The style of the Victorian Steampunk skirt should be composed of several layers of lace and silk. These give a puffy effect at the front.

The colors, cut and style of the steampunk skirt

You should also opt for a Steampunk dress for the varieties of choices it offers in terms of color, cut and style.

The colors of the Steampunk skirt

Indeed, this women's fashion garment is usually available in a wide range of colors such as brown, black, purple, white, beige and even bronze with vertical stripes. Rust, mustard yellow and earthy brown colors are combined in patterns (floral, polka dots, leopard, checks, etc.) and plains.

Nevertheless, some enthusiasts believe that any color can be Steampunk. So you don't need to limit your choices. You can opt for a Steampunk skirt with a color that suits your taste and desires.

The cut of the Steampunk skirt

Apart from the colors, the cut of the Steampunk skirt is quite particular. This one has known a great evolution since 1840 to nowadays. Indeed, originally, whether long or short, the Steampunk skirts were cut in the shape of a bell.

In other words, they had a bit of gathering at the waist and were very flared at the hem. The fabrics (linen, satin, cotton, velvet, silk, ...) used to make these skirts are made with plain colors that highlight the work of flocking and accumulation of braids. The Steampunk skirt is decorated with a gradient flounce.

Today, they are cut in many forms to satisfy all fans of this style. If you want to make your legs look taller and slimmer, go for the short skater front steampunk skirt with a long back reaching the knee.

You also have the option of opting for a high-waisted skirt, a short skirt, a pencil skirt, a plaid skirt, a ruffled skirt or a long skirt. Designers also offer pleated mini skirts, flared skirts, lace skirt and ball skirt to allow fans of Steampunk style to fully assert their non-conformism.

The style of the Steampunk skirt

Although the Steampunk style is inspired by the Victorian era, it does not completely copy the skirts of that period. Just like any other look, you can make your garment original by using your imagination. It is a vintage style that gives you a variety of possibilities in terms of material selection.

To stay in the spirit of the Steampunk style, you should pair your short skirts with women's clothing such as a blouse, shirt, strapless, sleeveless turtleneck, etc. These tops should be adorned with lace or a ruffle on the front. Nevertheless, they should not be too low-cut, as Victorian women did not expose their breasts much.

As for the sleeves, they should be long with long stitches. You can opt for short sleeves, but only if they are puffy. If you want to stand out and really look like Victorian women, wear your Steampunk skirt with a close-fitting corset with lace straps or a sexy top with long sleeves. Pair your outfit with heels like ankle boots, wedges or heeled sandals.

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