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A Steampunk pocket watch to perfect your steampunk look

Among the most trendy steampunk objects, the pocket watch has found its place. A true timeless timepiece, the gusset watch, the skeleton watch and other mechanical steampunk watches are initially inspired by the Victorian era. Antique watches perfectly combine retro or Victorian style with the mechanical and futuristic technology of the Steampunk genre.

At conventions, steampunk enthusiasts are dressed from head to toe and each costume consists of an antique watch, often in a pocket watch or wristwatch format. These watch models are adorned with cogs and mechanical gears giving an incomparable vintage effect.

The colors associated with these timepieces are often based on gold, gold, bronze, silver and copper.

The characteristics of a Steampunk pocket watch

For a pocket watch to be called "Steampunk", it must meet certain aesthetic criteria. On the one hand, the overall style of the pocket watch must combine retro and futurism, leaving the inner workings of the system visible. It must be made of natural materials such as brass, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver or bronze. Its shape can be round or octagonal.

Several types of covers and cases can be chosen. For example, you can choose a Full-Hunter, Double-Hunter or Half-Hunter pocket watch for an incomparable vintage style. The advantage of opting for a half-hunter cover is the possibility to see the dial of the pocket watch, and sometimes the internal mechanism. This provides a sublime aesthetic effect! In addition, each hunter or double hunter case has a clamshell winder to open it.

The cases often feature Victorian engravings, providing a unique antique style. You will also find cases with engravings in the shape of an owl, a fantasy, a dragon or a dragon. Whatever your style (gothic, dandy, punk, pirate, gentleman...), you will find a woman's watch or a man's watch to your taste.

The dial itself can be composed of Roman numerals or Arabic numerals. The second hands in the center of the dial also make a definite difference in the style of a vintage watch. The main feature of a Steampunk style pocket watch is its dial with visible mechanisms.

The chain is also one of the main features of a Steampunk pocket watch. The chain is the most important part of the watch and will allow you to hang your mechanical watch on your Steampunk vest. Choose a chain style similar to your case style. This will confirm the look of your fashion accessory.

The movements of the Steampunk pocket watch

Different movements can compose a retro steampunk pocket watch :

The automatic mechanical movement : as its name suggests, the automatic steampunk pocket watch winds itself when worn. It works thanks to a well thought out clockwork system, setting in motion gears and internal cogs. The automatic skeleton watch is a best-selling model in our Steampunk watch collection.

The mechanical movement with manual winding : a real bestseller among watch enthusiasts and collectors, this type of pocket watch works thanks to a mechanical system that requires a manual action from the owner of the watch. This action, very authentic, consists in activating the crown to set the time.

Quartz movement : the Steampunk pocket watch with quartz movement is battery operated. This quartz watch has the advantage of being very accurate. But its electronic mechanism is not as authentic as a mechanical system. Moreover, the battery life has its limits and you will have to think about changing the battery regularly.

Women's steampunk pocket watch for a glamorous and retro look

When it comes to women's steampunk fashion everything is possible, but what is essential in your look are accessories like the gusset watch and other watch models.

The gusseted watch was much more used by men and the few women who wore it wore it around their necks, because they didn't have a pocket suit. Worn as a pendant, the watch sublimated the women of the Victorian era and symbolized prestige.

Today, this retro jewelry comes to distinguish you from the mass. Wearing a Steampunk Gusset watch instantly takes you back to the pirate era and recaptures the elegance of Victorian women. Consider pairing these antique watches with a leather bracelet, pendant necklace, chain necklace, sautoir necklace, a pair of earrings or any other antique jewelry.

Men's steampunk gusset watch for a distinguished steampunk look

The men's pocket watch is an accessory with a long tradition and is usually worn with a suit jacket, chained to the buttonhole and slipped into the shirt pocket. However, it is possible to vary by putting it in the pocket of a vest.

So, for a distinguished steampunk look and to better embody your steamsona, don't hesitate to associate our steampunk watches to your disguises.

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