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The steampunk hat, a reference accessory to personalize your Steampunk Cosplay

Steampunk is a retro futuristic movement that expresses itself mainly through its clothing style. Steampunk fashion gives an important place to accessories that complement Steampunk style clothing.

Among the accessories of reference, we find goggles, bags, jewelry, masks and of course Steampunk hats.

How to choose your Steampunk hat ?

First of all, it should be noted that Steampunk hats can be worn by both men and women. Regardless of the character embodied and the desired steamsona, the Steampunk hat can be found in almost all existing Steampunk personalities.

Very often, the hatter or milliner will put forward bowler hats, typical of the Victorian era. But to embody your character to perfection, you should adapt your choice of headgear to the style of your disguise.

The objective is not the same if you want to wear the hat for Halloween, the carnival or in everyday life. Similarly, if you want a vintage aristocrat or punk ragamuffin, the shape of the hat and its material (polyester, wool felt ...) will not be the same.

The cowboy hat can also be a wise choice for a western punk style. Less fashionable in the Steampunk style, the cap, the bob hat, the beret or the straw hat can nevertheless make sense for some offbeat characters.

The colors remain very varied and depend on the desired atmosphere. You can opt for black for a dark character, brown for an adventurous character, gold for a luxurious character, green, purple or red for offbeat characters.

The top hat for the Victorian aristocracy

During the Victorian era, the hat was a major element to express elegance and social status. The top hat, in particular, was a huge success and allowed aristocratic women to impose their vintage style. The top hat can be customized with Steampunk accessories such as welder's goggles, gears, cogs and metal chains.

The mini Steampunk hat is also a great accessory for an aristocratic woman.

The felt hat is an integral part of a Victorian outfit for a self-respecting gentleman. Consider complementing your costume with a tie or bow tie, suspenders, sunglasses and a tailcoat or tuxedo. These fashion accessories create a unique retro futuristic aesthetic.

The gear or origin hat for a more offbeat personality

The steampunk origin and steampunk gear styles will work well for a character representing an offbeat, alternative personality such as a mad scientist, ragamuffin or a rogue. Steampunk costumes representing these characters must have a Steampunk hat. The pirate hat is also a classic of the genre.

Steampunk Hat Colors and Design Materials

Our vintage hats are usually made of polyester, velvet, black felt or faux leather (depending on the model chosen). They are made to last and guarantee that long awaited "wow" effect. For a fancy dress party or New Year's Eve, felt hats are to be preferred.

The colors are relatively neutral, typical of the Steampunk genre. You can find brown Steampunk hats or black Steampunk hats, for example.

Regarding the size, you will have to measure your head size and select the appropriate size.

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