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Steampunk glasses for women, an essential accessory for any steamer who respects himself

The steampunk universe is generally embellished with all kinds of accessories, cogs, gears, metal chains... And of course the steampunk glasses.

Essential accessory, no matter the steamsona initially imagined, the pair of steampunk glasses must imperatively be integrated in your steampunk costume. Depending on the character's personality and social class, the glasses you choose will be very different.

For a tough character like an adventurer, a pirate or a ragamuffin, the steampunk monocle or the cyber goth glasses will do the trick. Depending on the main colors of your steampunk costume, choose a pair of vintage glasses in copper, bronze, black or silver.

For an inventor or mad scientist steamsona, opt for a pair of welder's glasses or kaleidoscope glasses. The latter choice will accentuate the quirky side of your character.

For a steamsona aristocrat, turn to a pair of round or vintage sunglasses. Relatively sober and elegant, these round steampunk sunglasses will be the perfect complement to your steampunk aristocrat costume.

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