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Steampunk glasses for women and men, emblematic accessories of Victorian fashion.

Steampunk is a genre mixing different eras and therefore different styles. We find the aesthetic codes of the Victorian era in England (1837 - 1901), the Paris of the belle époque in France (1879 - 1914) and the American Civil War (1861 - 1865). The mixture of these eras gives a very particular retro futuristic style, specific to the steampunk universe.

In this universe, we find a wide range of clothing accessories to complete the steampunk costumes and in particular the famous pair of steampunk glasses. Different models of vintage glasses are available and proposed in our online store specialized in steampunk.

Steamers are generally aware of the myths associated with steampunk sunglasses, especially the famous syphilis glasses, which were prescribed to syphilitic patients who suffered from photophobia (sensitivity to light) when the disease reached their eyes. However, this rumor is probably a myth and not a past reality because no medical texts mention the prescription of sunglasses to treat photophobia in people suffering from syphilis.

The shapes of the frames and glasses evolved during the whole XIXth century. For example, at the beginning of the century, sunglasses were mostly equipped with round lenses. Between 1810 and 1830, oval lenses became more and more popular in America and rectangular lenses became popular in the 1840s with a return to oval lenses around 1850.

The steampunk glasses should therefore be inspired by these different models of the 19th century. Find these pairs of glasses in our store.

The different models of steampunk glasses for women and men
Our steampunk store offers a very complete collection of steampunk glasses for women or steampunk glasses for men. First of all, it will be necessary to define your needs, before choosing a pair of retro glasses.

Define your steamsona: if you are a real fan of the punk gothic genre, you probably already have an idea of the steampunk character you want to embody. It can be a steampunk adventurer, a steampunk scientist, a ragamuffin, an aristocrat or a steampunk pirate... Each of these characters has a unique retro style. The glasses will be adapted to his personality.

Choose the pair of sunglasses that suits you: the definition of a steamsona is not mandatory, everyone can choose the pair of steampunk glasses that suits him: eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, round progressive, vintage style, striped, major brands (ray ban, oakley, gabbana, women's glasses, for men or unisex ...

Steampunk welding goggles, for scientists

Steampunk welding goggles are a classic of the genre and will be perfect for a scientist, genius, inventor or mad scientist steamsona. The kaleidoscope steampunk goggles models can also add a quirky twist to your character. Be careful, these glasses are not protective glasses.

The steampunk aviator or motorcycle glasses for pilots

The steampunk aviator glasses, the steampunk motorcycle glasses or the steampunk leather glasses are models that will fit perfectly to pilots and bikers, for an unbridled steampunk look.

The steampunk aristocrat, which model of sunglasses?

The aristocrat is a character of the high society, who seeks above all to develop his network and his financial means. His clothing style will be sober and elegant, but always with a retro touch to the peaky blinders. The vintage steampunk sunglasses or round glasses will ideally fit in an aristocratic steampunk outfit, like a vintage suit with steampunk hat for men and a steampunk corset dress for women.

These sunglasses are UV400 category 3 compliant and provide 100% UV protection against UVA, UVB and UVC.

Retro steampunk glasses or cyber goth glasses for pirates and ragamuffins

A steampunk pirate and a ragamuffin will seek to impose themselves in a difficult social environment where strength often prevails over cooperative dialogue. Their attire will be aggressive and cyber goth, cyberpunk or copper steampunk glasses will be the accessories of choice.

Steampunk monocle glasses, to stand out at your next Cosplay convention

The steampunk monocle is a quirky element that will allow you to stand out from the crowd during your fancy dress parties. Different models are presented to you in our collection on our website of online steampunk accessories:

Different colors possible: bronze, copper, silver, black, brown ...
Different steampunk styles : welder style, gears, cogs, rivets, steampunk mask...
All these models of original steampunk goggles with tinted or polarized lenses, oval, round or rectangular shape... are available at and will allow you to complete your steampunk costume according to your wishes and desires. Remember to choose a frame consistent with the desired style. Lenses are not the only parameters to look at. A specialized optician will be able to advise you according to the shape of your face.

These products could also be suitable for a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart, or for Halloween.

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