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Steampunk gears to complete your decoration or to give as a gift

Perhaps one of the most essential and popular steampunk motifs is the gear. The steampunk style has its roots in a time when engineering skills were valued and the internal components of mechanical devices such as gears steampunk, cogs, levers and pulleys were often exposed rather than hidden in boxes or cases like today. As a result, gears have become a common signature of steampunk culture.

We offer a unique collection of beautifully designed steampunk gears that will delight any steampunk enthusiast. Our unique and authentic designs are perfect for decorating your room or as a gift for a loved steamer with a gear steampunk.

Cogs with surprising designs to personalize your everyday objects

The rise of the steampunk culture has coincided with the valorization of old objects that are currently very popular in the field of vintage decoration and industrial style. It is therefore not uncommon to see steampunk gears and cogs used in sculptures, furniture and other interior design elements.

Discover our collection of gears to live your steampunk passion. With our steampunk gears, charms, jewelry (necklace, gemstone, earring) and keys you can add a retro-futuristic touch to your everyday items such as your computer, tablet, clock or guitar. You can even integrate them into your costumes to accentuate your unique style!

Steampunk Gears 30" x 60" Microfiber Beach Towel - PersonalThrows

Create original gifts with steampunk gears

With our gear sets, you can create fancy steampunk jewelry or nice personalized gifts for your loved ones. Let your creativity flow by making beautiful necklaces with beads, earrings, rings, gears or pendants with beautiful gears in bronze, brass, stainless steel, gold plated, silver plated, yellow gold, nickel, or white gold.

You will find everything you need to create accessories, steampunk objects, steampunk lamps and art pieces such as steampunk paintings to decorate your home or add character to your clothing style. You won't believe what a simple gear pendant can add to your look!

We believe that steamers have a great talent for DIY and an overflowing creativity that allows them to express their originality through atypical objects, such as our gears and cogs with impeccable finishes. Take a look at our gear collection to find the pieces you need!