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Steampunk decor, get out of the ordinary with an industrial style decoration

Steampunk is a real cultural movement with a philosophy of non-conformism and emphasis on creativity and originality. Steampunk is not only dressed up but also decorated, thanks to the decorative objects of steampunk store.

For a few years now, steampunk fans have been interested in interior decoration to create an environment conducive to the development of their creativity.

How to get a steampunk decor with a Victorian and industrial look ? How to get original decorating ideas ?

Steampunk home decor

To get a steampunk style home decoration, the choice of colors is to be considered. Choose colors reminiscent of the industrial era such as metallic gray, gold, copper, burgundy red, black, dark green, brown... Choose one or two maximum to start creating the atmosphere in your home.

Steampunk decoration object and wall decor

The creation of a steampunk environment depends above all on a judicious choice of steampunk decorative objects, such as clocks, lamps and steampunk arts.

For example, old furniture and accessories will add an authentic look to your home interior. Look for and opt for objects representing the Victorian era, leather sofas, wooden chairs, cogs, mechanical elements, machinery... A range of steampunk style decorative objects are available in our online store.

Some elements that we consider essential in a steampunk decor :

- The globe : make sure that it adopts an old and antique style and that its color matches your main colors.
- The world map : steampunk is inspired by works about great journeys or adventures (2000 leagues under the sea, the time machine...). Displaying an old map on a wall of your home is therefore very appropriate.
- Hats : top hats and other antique hats will bring the elegance of the Victorian era to your home decor.
In general, steampunk wall decor and steampunk home decor can be made with any object that refers to the industrial revolution or Victorian fashion :

- Industrial style lamps and lighting fixtures
- Stool
- Mirrors
- Steampunk gears
- Garland
- Candles
- Clocks
- Vases
- Ceramics
- Objects made of wood and metal or zinc
- Bulb
- Porcelain
- Coat rack
- Luminous objects
- Wooden decoration

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