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The steampunk bag, a reference accessory for a unique steampunk outfit

Steampunk is a way of life. You can live this movement daily by adorning your outfit with vintage accessories with a particularly "Steampunk" style. The bag is one of those essential Steampunk accessories, adding a unique retro style to one's Steampunk Cosplay or everyday vintage outfit.

Steampunk bag for women or men

Our Steampunk bag collection is for both women and men and you should choose your model according to the steamsona of your Steampunk character or according to the style of your vintage outfit.

The Steampunk backpack can for example be integrated in a costume representing an adventurer character, while the Steampunk handbag will be particularly suitable for an aristocrat character.

All our Steampunk bags are made of PU leather for maximum durability and a 100% vintage look.

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Steampunk bags