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Steampunk accessories for male, an essential for your steamsona

Steampunk is an alternative universe that is lived passionately, down to the smallest details. Steampunk for men is often embellished by crazy outfits that reflect the personality of the character embodied by the fan of this retro futuristic genre.

Apart from the classic clothes found in most of the steampunk costumes for men, like the jacket, the pants, the corset, the shirt... A steampunk worthy of the name always wears clothing accessories that make all the difference

Steampunk googles for men

Ideal for Halloween, a cosplay party or a fancy dress party, the steampunk style glasses are undoubtedly the most "punky" accessory of a steamsona outfit. These glasses are usually made of brass, copper, pewter or zinc and have a very singular design, easily recognizable.

Steampunk jewelry and watches for men

Victorian fashion is an integral part of the steampunk universe. Jewelry is of course an essential element for a successful steampunk costume. Gears, mechanical elements, cogs... The shapes of these jewels are vast and varied but always respect the standards of this fantasy fashion.

A steampunk watch for men can also be an accessory to be privileged, according to the personality of your steamsona.

Clothing accessories: shoes, boots, bags, belts, steampunk hats for men

Of course, the outfit of your steamsona must be thought in its globality, which will allow to give a coherence between your ideas and the final result. The clothing accessories should not be neglected because they bring a very realistic visual rendering:

The steampunk hats, to associate with your glasses,
The boots or shoes, to associate with your jeans or your pants,
The steampunk bag, as well as the belt, are first choice accessories in an outfit with jeans,

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